Open Wednesdays, 8:30 am to 2 pm from May to October

What’s in Season?

We are proud to be a producers only market! This means that our vendors will not have all of your favourite fruits and vegetables at all times, but that they will have an amazing selection of freshly picked seasonal offerings throughout the season.

Have you been wondering when some of your favourite fruits and vegetables might be arriving at market? Check out our handy seasonality charts to help you plan your meals and shopping trips. We also host Special Events and Guest Chefs that help celebrate and showcase this produce as it comes into season and give you creative ideas on how to cook with, freeze, store and enjoy these products when they are bountiful! 

Chart showing the seasonal Availbility of Local Vegetables - Peterborough Downtown Farmers' MarketSeasonal Availability of Local Fruit - Peterborough Downtown Farmers' Market