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Spring Delights

My treasures for the day!
Things are really starting to come into season at the Downtown Farmers’ Market. It’s like a feast for your eyes down at the Louis St. Parking Lot, and of course your mouth!
 Yes! Garlic Scapes! For anyone that knows what a garlic scape is, the excitement of their arrival is hard to hide!
  For anyone who doesn’t, i highly recommend them! They are the stem and flower that garlic sends out at this time of year. If you cut them off, they send the energy of the plant back into the garlic bulb instead of the seed, AND they taste delicious.
  Check out the article in Pearl Magazine for a scape pesto recipe and more information.  Personally i like mine raw or just grilled lightly on the bbq, or in potato salad!
 And yes, there is strawberries. they sold out in a blink of an eye last week, so get her early!


 Romaine Lettuce in the early morning shade of the market


 What better way to brighten your office, kitchen table, the hearts of your friends, or family, and generally your day; than a bouquet of freshly picked seasonal flowers. Lots of them available, the season has only just begun!
 New vendors, Slow Acres Farm brought along lots of delicious treats including gorgeous cupcakes, ‘beetza’ and other toppings fresh from the wood-fired oven. They are a great addition to our market. Come and check them out!


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