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Strawberry Festival 2013

Join us this week, Wednesday July 3rd to celebrate the start to summer & the strawberry! There will be lots of strawberries for sale from McLeans Berry Farm, C. Bruni & Sons & Fishers Farm Throughout market vendors will selling specially priced Strawberry...

Quinoa with Fresh Market Veggies

 Last week we had the honour of having Lorianne Cicchillio back as our Guest Chef. She the made an incredible quinoa salad that included Sannox Farm bacon, CrossWind feta, River City rhubarb, Woolerdale asparagus, C. Bruni & Sons green onions, Wren Lane honey,...

Asparagus & Rhubarb Recipes

 Looking for creative ways to use all of that great asparagus coming into markets? Check out these great Asparagus recipes! or perhaps, some rhubarb recipes are your fancy