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Iron Chef Challenge Photos



THe basket! We added a few more items after this picture was taken. mostly  complete though



Last year’s winner Steve Hancock getting started in defending his title.


Lorianne Cichellio of Lindsay PC Cooking School gets started


Lindsey Dupuis from Brio Gusto getting into the swing of the challenge


Geoff Kirkland of the Lantern Restaurant getting started


the scents of delicious market goods starting filling the air quickly


thanks to all the media who came out & got some great coverage


the beginnings of Steve Hancock’s dish coming together


Lindsey talking to our fabulous host Donald Fraser about what she is cooking up
lots of spectators gathered around to watch the Chefs work



beautiful plate from Steve Hancock of St. Veronus


beautiful plate from the winner Geoff Kirkland of the Lantern


lovely looking plate from Lindsey of Brio Gusto


another course from our winner Geoff Kirkland – breakfast for dinner!


delicious looking meal from Lorianne Cichellio


Steve talks to the judges about his dish


crowd looking onto the judges


a few of our lovely judges – Dean Pappas and daughter Toulula with David Goyette


our other fabulous judges Pete Dalliday and Catherine Hanrahan


the judges confer
A huge thanks to our judges and host!


our four fabulous Chefs and market manager Jill Bishop




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