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Guest Chef Photos, Brad Watt of RARE

Brad and sous Chef working hard to prep some delicious market corn for market-goers

Last week, Sept. 17th, we had Brad Watt of RARE Grillhouse as our Guest Chef at the Downtown Farmers’ Market. We had a great day, everyone enjoyed their delicious corn topped with a mixture of butter and Cross Wind Farms chevre, vegetable salts and chives.

messy and delicious!


market-goers were lined up throughout the day to sample some delicious Brad Watt inspired market goods.


this chevre/ butter mix was amazing!


Cogeco came down to cover the event. They had to get the whole experience!


Delicious hand-made vegetable salts were sprinkled atop the corn


Corn samples went quick! Over 200 samples were given out in a few hours


it was hard for me to get a great pic, as the samples were moving so quick! mmmmm


market-goers really enjoyed their samples! choruses of “so delicious”, “this is the best thing I have ever tasted”, “tell me again what is in that topping”, “delicious, THANKS!” were heard throughout the day.