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Huitlacoche Project

Huitlacoche Project Showcase





Wednesday August 19th  8:30-2:00
Peterborough Downtown Farmers’ Market
On Wednesday August 19th, the Peterborough Downtown Farmers’ Market will welcome the Huitlacoche Project. Huitlacoche, considered a delicacy, is a combination mushroom corn product. Originating in pre-European Mexico, huitlacoche results when corn truffle fungus grows inside the kernels of corn. Our Guest Chefs, growers and researchers will be showcasing this unique product, giving customers recipe ideas and the chance to sample some too.
Trent University, the Fleming College Culinary Program, and local restaurant owner Sandra Arciniega of La Hacienda have been working to develop inoculation and production techniques that will reliably produce Huitlacoche under sweet corn growing conditions in Ontario. They are hoping to develop a reliable product and market for this emerging crop.
The Peterborough Downtown Farmers’ Market is a producers only market, which means, you are buying from the very people who grow or make the products they are selling, supporting our local economy. Every Wednesday 8:30-2:00, market-goers can learn about and purchase diverse local produce as it comes into season. Come on down to learn more, get recipe ideas and stock up to can, freeze & enjoy the taste of summer.
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