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Very Sad News

It is with a very heavy heart that I share this news:

As some of you may already be aware, John van der Heyden of Woolerdale Farms passed away suddenly last week.

John was a wonderful kind man, inspirational farmer, personal mentor of many, and upstanding active member of the farming and market community. As a pioneer in the local and organic food movements, he has inspired a generation of new farmers. He will be greatly missed by many, especially his loving family.

John, and his daughter Nicole have been brining the families wonderful produce and knowledge to the market for years, they have both been active members of our market BOD, and we are all truly heartbroken for their loss.

John always said: “Don’t forget, farmers feed cities, but cities feed farmers too, it is an important partnership” Wise words from someone who worked very hard to ensure local food was accessible to many people and communities.

Cards will be available at market on Wednesday to offer condolences to the family.