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Guest Chef Lorianne Ciccchillo

The Market is happy to welcome back “LA” as our guest Chef. This will be her third season joining us, and this year she is representing the newly opened Kettle Drums.

Below are some pictures of her Cheffing up some delicious treats in past years.


Using some succulent sausage from Waste Not Firewood & Farm Products, romaine lettuce and hot house tomatoes from C. Bruni & Sons, Fresh herbs from Sunroot Organics, Asparagus from Wooderdale Organic Farms, and fabulous feta from Cross Wind Farms, Lorianne Cicchillio set to making delicious sample salads for market-goers
The asparagus and tomatoes were lightly grilled on the bbq.
 A fabulous dressing was made with the fresh herbs, honey, and olive oil
 All the ingredients were mixed in together and handed out to happy customers.
The local seasonal treat was delicious and easy for you to make at home! Thanks Lorianne
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