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Pollinator Week

pw15logoFINALbJoin us on Wednesday June 22nd at market to celebrate Pollinator Week. Staff from Ecology Park and members of the Peterborough Pollinators Group will be joining us to talk bees, butterflies and all the other amazing pollinators that help farmers produce fabulous local food, and what you can do to help protect these precious pollinators. 

Did you know? 

  •  About 75% of all flowering plants rely on animal pollinators for fertilization and over 200,000 species of animals act as pollinators. Of those, about 1,000 are hummingbirds, bats and small mammals, such as mice. The rest are insects, such as beetles, bees, ants, wasps, butterflies, and moths.

  •  Foods produced with the help of pollinators include apples, strawberries, blueberries, chocolate, melons, peaches, figs, tomatoes, pumpkins & almonds.

    For more Pollination facts: Pollination Fast Facts – Food Industry


What can you do to help protect pollinators? 

PLANT FOR POLLINATORS – There are lots of fabulous pollinator friendly perennials and annuals available to purchase at market 

SUPPORT LOCAL BEES AND BEEKEPERS – We have two amazing beekeepers at market that you can purchase honey from! 


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