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1st Annual Iron Chef

Four chefs. Three judges. Two hours to cook.  And one heck of an event.  That was the recipe for success for the First Annual Iron Chef Market Cook-Off at the Peterborough Downtown Farmers’ Market.
Brad Watt (Rare Grill House), Martin Vanden Anker (Holiday Inn), Steve Hancock (St. Veronus) and Ursula Fugger (Elmhirst Resort) battled it our for bragging rights, using all local ingredients and creating their entire menu on site.
Judges were David Goyette, the mayor’s executive assistant, city Coun. Dean Pappas and Karen Joplin of Lang Pioneer Village.
The winner of the event was Steve Hancock, who wowed both the judges and the crowd with a Gourmet Pork Sloppy Joe sandwich with Kale Salad.
The event was hosted by Donald Fraser of Farm to Table Culinary Tours.
Our fabulous Chefs – they all made incredible dishes & helped showcase the diversity of things you can make with local market goods.
We had a great time at our first annual Iron Chef Market Cook-Off Competition
Local Chefs:
– Brad Watt of Rare Grill
–  Martin Van der Anker of Holiday Inn’s Riverside Grill
– Ursula Fugger of Elmhirst Resort
– Steve Hancock of St. Veronus
Each received an identical basket of market goods, $10 to buy a special ingredient, and were given 1.5 hours to create a completely local (except some vinegar, salt & pepper) meal for our 3 judges Karen Jopling, Dean Pappas & David Gayotte to assess based on:
– Showcasing of local products (using everything in the basket)
– Innovation and Presentation
– Taste!
In the end, it was Steve Hancock of St. Veronus who won the bragging rights, and was crowned our first annual Iron Chef Market Cook-Off. The calibre of the meals created by all four chefs was incredible. They were all gorgeous, delicious & certainly helped showcase all the amazing possiblities of things that can be made using all market ingredients. Thanks so much to everyone involved!
Each Chef received an identical basket of market goods that included:
Beans – McLean’s Berry Farm
Squash – Fishers’s Farms
Jalapenos (3) – McLean’s Berry Farm
Kale – Sun Root Organics
Cooking Onion – C. Bruni & Sons
Carrots – C. Bruni & Sons
Heirloom Potatoes – Martin’s Fruit & Veggies/ Deer Bay Farms
Cooking chocolate – Chocosol
Goat’s Milk – Cross Wind Farms
Garlic – Gaelic Garlic
Oyster Mushrooms – Waymac Farms
Apples – Allin’s Orchards
Ground Pork – Sannox Farms
Radish – Martin’s Fruit & vegetables
Dill & Parsley – Sun Root Organics
Lavender – Fraser’s Farm
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Martin Van der Anker from Holiday Inn getting started.
Host Donald Fraser of Ptbo Culinary Tours talking to Brad Watt of Rare Grill in the background
Brad Watt of Rare Grill’s set-up
Steve Hancock getting started
Brad Watt, chef & showman extraordinaire brought dry ice to make corn ice cream with. The crowd was quite impressed!
Martin prepping some of his local ingredients
lots of media were on hand to catch all the action
Our wonderful host Donald Fraser of Peterborough Culinary Tours
Ursula Fugger of Elmhirst Resort working with her local ingredients
Brad mid competition 
Martin mid competition – there were lots of folks gathered around to watch the action   
Steve & Ursula mid competition
we were lucky to have a beautiful fall day for the event.
Steve Hancock of St. Veronus starting to plate his dishes  
Martin from Holiday Inn’s dish cooking up on the grill
Steve Hancock’s plated meal – part of it anyways  
Ursula getting ready to plate her meal
Our wonderful judges David Gayotte, Dean Pappas & Karen Jopling
Brad’s delicious looking meals, with beauty plating, just awaiting the corn ice cream!
Steve continuing to plate his feast for the judges
Brad’s meal is almost ready
Judges tasting Brad’s great meal
Steve Hancock’s great spread for the judges
There was quite a crowd gathering by time the judging got started
Martin’s lovely dish. Note the nail used to serve the meat – great idea
judges trying out Martin’s meal
Steve Hancock’s sandwiches (spoiler alert, these are what got him the win!)
Steve explaining his dish to the judges
Brad Watt had his fans in the crowd
Ursula talking about her wonderful kale salad to the judges  
WINNER – Steve Hancock of St. Veronus won the 1st annual Iron Chef Cook-Off
Here he is accepting the win.
 Our fabulous judges & Chefs. Thanks everyone for a great event!
I was so busy for most of the day, that although I got a lot of pictures, not so many great close of the meals. Send us your pics via facebook, twitter or email if you have some great ones to share?!