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Guest Chef Ursula Fugger

 We were lucky to have Ursula Fugger from Windswept B & B out as our guest Chef at the market on May 25th. She was one of our favourites last season, and she came with even more goodies this season.


 Fresh chocolate (from Chocosol) tarts warming on the bbq (no chocolate in them yet)
& then there was, and they were delicious! disappeared quick to anxious market-goers
 Ursula making up some red fife wheat pancakes
 Pancakes fried up right on site
Lots of folks were watching the demonstration, and trying tasty treats as the emerged off the bbq
 Mmm. fresh asparagus. get it while you can. the season will end.

Busy day down at the Downtown Market. Lots of shoppers picking up cheese, vegetables, lunches, coffee, plants, you name it!




 A view of market-goers watching the cooking demonstration from atop the nearby planters
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