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Guest Chef Dahn D’Lion from the Planet Bakery

The Downtown Market was really happy to have Dahn join us as our guest Chef on August 31st. He is famous for making his vegan treats at the Planet Bakery, and after gathering a whole bunch of ingredients donated from our fabulous vendors he started out cooking all kinds of great vegan goodies from market-goers.

The food went so fast that I barely had time to photograph it, these are the few shots I got  in; above is the fresh made vegan crepes ready to be stuffed & covered with an apple pear deliciousness (obviously i need to ask for a more specific recipe!) and below is the amazing melon gazpacho made with many donated melons & heirloom tomatoes; it was cleverly displayed & kept cool in the watermelon that helped make it!


 An amazing salad with all kinds of donated veggies such as zucchini, basil, beets, peppers, and tomatoes. It was so good, it looked like this very quickly –


 The one plate that I managed to capture ~ Vegan quiche with mushrooms and zucchini, crepes and wonderful salad
 Thanks again Dahn. and all the great vendors who donated ingredients! Well all the vendors are great; but you know what I mean!
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