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Guest Chef Sue Houde

Our Guest Chef on Aug. 4th was Sue Houde, who you can find at St. Veronus Cafe & Tap Room or through her catering company Two Dishes. Sue came down to the market to gather her own ingredients at 8:30 in the morning. That’s as fresh as it get . . . . After collecting Melons from Deer Bay Farms, Peaches from Francis Eborall & Sons, Swiss Chard & Fresh Herbs from Sunroot Organics, Peppers from Martin Oates & Heirloom Tomatoes from McCleans Berry Farm & Deer Bay Farms, she rushed back to St. Veronus to prepare some deliciousness . . .
She fresh baked tea biscuits at St. Verona’s

& then smouthered them with a fabulous concoction made from the ingredients collected above
Market go-ers gobbled up the treats with enthused “MMM’s” & “Do you serve this at St.Verona’s”, “Where do you cook” . . . . . many silent contend eaters graced the crowd
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