Open Wednesdays, 8:30 am to 2 pm from May to October

Our Vendors

You’ll find a wide variety of vendors selling their wares at the market. Use this handy index to help you find the seller or product you’re looking for, or scroll the page to peruse the entire list:

Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables

Allin’s Orchards

Sells: Apples, Pears
Facebook: @AllinsOrchards

C. Bruni & Sons

Sells: Mixed seasonal vegetables & fruits
Contact: (905) 655-3440 or
Facebook: Bruni’s Farms

Circle Organics

Sells: Mixed organic fruit & vegetables
Facebook: @CirleOrganic

Chick A Biddy Acres 

Sells: Mixed organic vegetables & fresh cut flowers
Facebook: @ChickaBiddyAcres

Deer Bay Farms

Sells: Mixed fruits & vegetables.  Specialties include melons, apples & apple cider.

Fisher’s Farms

Sells: Mixed vegetables, herbs seedlings & fresh-cut flowers. Specialties include corn,  squash & gladiolus

Frasers Farms

Sells: Fresh cut flowers, mixed vegetables and more
Contact: (705) 745-0679 or

Gaelic Garlic

Sells: Over 10 varieties of garlic, as well as asparagus, squash & sweet potatoes. Grass fed beef.

Martin’s Fruit & Vegetables

Sells: Mixed seasonal fruit & vegetables. Specializes in colourful heirloom carrots and potatoes.
Contact: (705) 653-0389 or

McLean’s Berry Farm

Sells: Mixed seasonal berries and vegetables
Facebook: @McLeanBerryFarm

Sunroot Organics

Sells: Mixed colourful heirloom vegetables and vegetable seedlings.
acebook: @SunRootOrganics

Waymac Farms

Sells: Shiitake, oyster, portabello, white and cremini mushrooms.
Facebook: @WaymacFarms

Riel Acres 

Sells: Mixed heirloom veggies (including speciality in dried beans), chicken 
Contact: 705 768 4643  •
Facebook: @RielAcresFarm

Dairy & Meats

Cross Wind Farms

Sells: Goats meat, milk, cheese and other goat products.

Three Forks Farms 

Sells: Pasture raised, and naturally grazed chicken and turkey
Facebook: @Threeforksfarmbobcaygeon

Sannox Farms

Sells: Fresh meats from sheep, cattle, and pigs.
Facebook: @SannoxFarms

Honey & Maple Syrup

Batten’s County Choice

Sells: Honey and maple syrup
Contact: 705-748-9852 or

Wren Lane Farms

Sells: Local honey
Contact: (705) 931-3281 or

Fresh cut Flowers and Plants

Tiny Greens 

Sells: Microgreens
Contact: (705) 874-7554 or
Facebook: @TinyGreens

Prepared Foods

C’est Chaud

Sells: Artisanal wood-fired pizza
Facebook: @TheNightKitchenPtbo

DanLeDanDan Foods

Sells: Artisanal chocolates, coffee and more
Facebook: @Danledandanfoods

Fresh Urban Plate

Sells: Fresh salads and sandwiches to go or stay
Contact: (705) 868.1678 or

Kyoto Coffee

Sells: Freshly brewed coffee and locally roasted beans. Other delicious hot & cold drinks too.
Contact: (705)745-7329 or
Facebook: @KyotoCoffee

Sugar Daddy Sodas

Sells: Locally made sodas and cocktail syrups.
Facebook: @SugarDaddySodas


Sells: Delicious sauces and lunches to go or stay!
(705) 743-6291 or
Facebook: @SybilsPtbo

Taste of Russia

Sells: Authentic, home-cooked Eastern European cuisine. Famous for their perogies.
(705) 874-6149

Camborne Orchards

Sells: Freshly baked pies, cookies and other goodies. Apples too.
Contact:  (905) 885-0892

Two Dishes Cookshop

Sells: Fresh baked breads, desserts and lunches to go or stay
(705) 775-2650
Facebook: @TwoDishesCookshop


Jane Doidge

Sells: Wire crafted jewelry

PCSS – Peterborough Communication Support Services

Sells: Handmade wooden items, laundry soaps, lip balms and hand formed soap items.
Contact: (705) 745-4161 or

Don & Shirley Seeley

Sells: Homemade knitted goods, and wood carvings
Contact: (705) 775-2650